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WW2 Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal

Lots of schools learn about WW2 , the reasons it happened and those infamous characters from it but what about the forgotten heroes?
I found dwelling on what children already knew because of what you taught them in class wasn't going to be interesting hearing it twice so i developed this show never seen before within the class room.
As Lt. Palmer of the Royal Engineers bomb disposal squad I take the children back to 1940 and the Blitz. Focusing mainly on this era of the war I try to recreate the sense of feeling there was and from recent looks on faces I have seen some children had a new sense of awareness. One you can't achieve with a book.
I usually start with a little drill practice and make sure discipline is maintained from the start. Explaining what to do in an air raid I kit every child with a brodie helmet with the help of two air raid wardens to usher everyone down my mobile Anderson Shelter. The air raid siren is supplied by my interactive bomb with built in mp3 sound sytem. I then go onto to explain about child evacuees issuing every child with a label.  From here on in with plenty of facts and tales thrown in its all about being recruited into the bomb disposal squad.
Teaching the children how to search for unexploded bombs in my interactive activity trays I remind the children that if they dig too hard and fast it may well be the last sandpit they ever play in. With an activity sheet to fill in while we start to tackle what the kids love most....the interactive bomb that has just happened to of landed in their class room. This is something I have developed and has never been seen before. The bomb has a fuse that if not removed carefully will buzz to indicate you have just been blown up. This not only encourages a sense of accomplishment if they can do it but also a sense of competition amongst all whom suddenly take an interest in their class mates approach. Though nothing compares to the teacher trying it!

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