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      Characters for Historic sites

Hysterical History
Teaching history to children in a way they want to learn


Dr Digby Rocks
and his school of Archaeology

Not many school workshops teach archaeology so well as Dr Digby Rocks. 
His teaching methods are fun, interactive and inspirational and thats proven!
Whether he uses his unique authentic artefacts to inspire the children to evaluate and explore what they have and explain to the rest of the class or whether he gets the children to dig for their own finds in his discovery trays the whole workshop is designed to make it a fun experience but also a development adventure for each child.
Dr Digby often has a range of fun and inspirational activities to show various elements of archaeology and what children love the most is HCSI (Historical crime scene investigation) whereby I place a historical body/skeleton in their classroom that myself and the teacher have dug up that very morning.....can the children work out who they were, what they did and how they died?
Other acttivities include learn ancient Egyptian and articulate my skeletons.
Each child will also receive a certificate with a real 165 million year old fossil!
So if youre teaching ancient egyptians or even dinosaurs you should really get Dr Digby Rocks in to teach your children via his great interactive and educational workshop.