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      Characters for Historic sites

Hysterical History
Teaching history to children in a way they want to learn



 The wonderful world of pirates with not a Jack Sparrow  or Captain Hook in sight.
Let Commander Blunt also known as Edward Teach teach the children what being a pirate was actually like and get rid of all those hopes of treasure and the hope of a fruitful retirement.
The knights of medieval England as heroic and romantic as we view them were in fact a smelly bunch. Learn their roles through their lives and equipment.
 Dispelling myths and educating about how gruesome being a knight could be but also how much more gruesome the life of the squire could be.
It's 1940 and many bombs are dropping on England. Do you know what to do in an air raid? Do you have the skills to look for unexploded bombs? Defuse a sea mine?
What about removing the fuze from a bomb?.................would you like to try?
Live till the end and theres a passing  out parade with a certificated medal
Join Dr Digby Rocks a prominent archaeologist and educator of history on an adventure into how to look, dig and evaluate real finds found from beneath your feet. Lots of interactive activities with plenty of educational learning hidden just under the surface.
Teaching all about dinosaurs to ancient egyptians via educational workshops
Primary School Workshops

Learning with laughs is a sure way to remembering things as it creates memories

What makes me qualified to teach children history?  Well let me tell you as one of the most noteable and memorable reenactors in England the attention I get for what I do as far as teaching to the public envokes questions, fills kids with wonder and all because you will never hear the words "You can not touch that!"
I design my performances with children in mind but adults are always welcome to interact and the displays I produce are some which you will not see any where else on the school learning circuit.
What We Do
Why We Do It
Hysterical History is a primary school workshop provider that travels to many nationwide primary schools and heritage sites and leaves with many repeat bookings thanks to his unique and interactive educational workshops loved by children and adults.
Teachers are giggling as much as the children which is testament to our policy to make educating history topics fun
We offer many workshops from 90 minute sessions to all day workshops with some of the most unique interactive learning aids ever seen.
Why? I love history but I enjoy entertaining children and if I can combine the two successfully not only do I see my educational learning experiences appreciated on the smiles and within the memories of children but also I have also hopefully installed an interest in history that will not only through interactive displays and hands on history create a sense of wanting more but will encourage children to explore our rich and varied own history.
Be the Teacher that creates the passion
What to do next?
Firstly contact me. We can discuss what your after and see if it fits with what your trying to teach. Then we'll discuss costs plus if you wish for me to supply rewards for each child.
Previous schools have had
--Personalised pencils, badges,stickers,certificates and in the case of our archaeology talk each child receives a real 165myo fossil collected by myself!
Basically speaking I make learning a rewardable treat and dependant on whats available I always have things to give out.
So you can drop me an email:  [email protected]
or phone 07843083109
I usually try to answer asap but having to do another job kind of gets in the way.....this is much more fun!!!!!!

Many teachers tell me that after I have visited their children talk about my visit for a long time after and has proven to increase their interest in their topic. So often I hear the words 'Your much better than the other guy who just talked!'
Whatever history topic your trying to teach its best to give me a message just to see what I offer. I do not just put things together all my workshops are incredibly well thought out for the purpose of making the learning of said topic fun, enjoyable and educational.
Be the teacher that installs the passion and memory of enjoying your class.